Delta Sigma Phi’s Commissioner program—formerly known as the District Governors program—exists to provide support to alumni volunteers who work with Alumni Corporation Boards and Collegiate Chapter Advisory Boards. Delta Sigma Phi knows that in order for our undergraduates to succeed, they need the support and guidance of their alumni brothers.

You can download the Commissioner Directory for contact information and a by-chapter breakdown.

Regional Commissioners

Divided into geographical regions, Regional Commissioners work with the Headquarters’ staff Director of Volunteer Engagement to oversee Deputy Commissioners.

Region Name Chapter Initiated
Pacific Miles Bellamy Gamma Epsilon 1980
Mountain Alain Balmanno Delta Epsilon 2007
Central Currently Recruiting
Great Lakes Jim Gay Beta Beta 2001
Ohio Valley Bart Ankney Bowling Green State 2001
Southeast Scott Moore Beta Kappa 1980
Mid-Atlantic Kyle Melloan Beta Mu 2002
Northeast Anthony Hopkins Theta Tau 1999

Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioners are responsible for the oversight, leadership and training of Alumni Corporation Boards and Collegiate Chapter Advisory Boards within a designated region of the Fraternity. Deputy Commissioners are appointed by the Executive Director and granted voting privileges at biennial Conventions. Deputy Commissioners report directly to their Regional Commissioner and assist the Director of Volunteer Engagement with volunteer recruitment, placement and training in their region.

Region Name Chapter Initiated
Pacific Mike Wandzell Beta Nu 2005
Pacific Thomas Sale Thomas Sale 2007
Pacific Scott Rich Delta Lambda 1989
Pacific Michael Wycisk Gamma Epsilon 1990
Mountain Nicholas Hudson Theta Rho 2003
Mountain Brian Golden Kappa Delta 2006
Central Paul Mintner Alpha Upsilon 2007
Central Matt Marchesini Alpha Upsilon 2008
Central Ben Hopper Alpha Upsilon 2009
Central Martin Cram Alpha Upsilon 2012
Great Lakes Bucky Boland Zeta Upsilon 1994
Great Lakes Christopher DeMartino Eta Omega 1997
Great Lakes Beau Hanger Alpha Lambda 2003
Great Lakes Joseph Fletcher Epsilon Beta 2009
Ohio Valley Greg Gifford Alpha Iota 1963
Ohio Valley Richie Holmes Theta Mu 2003
Southeast Art Richard Chi 1959
Southeast Randy Engle Beta Kappa 1980
Southeast Matthew Stapp Iota Epsilon 2011
Southeast Joseph Fletcher Epsilon Beta 2009
Mid-Atlantic Tony Blanton Beta Mu 1985
Mid-Atlantic Matthew Ferguson Epsilon Tau 2005
Northeast Dominic Catapano Omega 2001
Northeast John McCormick Alpha Sigma 2004
Northeast Kevin Powers Theta Kappa 2005
Northeast Chris Lepley Sigma 2011