Delta Sigma Phi members can serve on several national committees. These committees are designed to work with staff to develop strategies for various areas of operation or need.

Ritual Review Committee – This committee reviews the Ritual of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and makes suggestions for alterations, which are voted on at Delta Sigma Phi Convention.

Housing Committee – The development of housing strategies and resources is a high priority for Delta Sigma Phi. This committee works to create safe and competitive housing facilities for undergraduate chapters.

Future of Higher Ed Committee – This committee is comprised higher education professionals, field professionals and past Fraternity leadership. Its purpose is to explore the evolving role of Greek membership organizations on college campuses in light of anticipated trends in and changes to the higher education community. It will also design a distinguishing strategy for our national organizations, volunteers and campus professionals that enables sustained relevancy, encourages academic and personal success, and better prepares our members as we help prepare them for post graduate success and accomplishments.

Strategic Communications Committee – Successful communications and marketing strategies are vital to the growth and development of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and Foundation. This committee helps staff to analyze current communications strategies and trends.

During Convention years, additional committees are utilized to conduct important Fraternity business.

Constitution Committee – This committee reviews proposed amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws of Delta Sigma Phi and makes recommendations to the Convention voting delegation.

Credentials Committee – The Credentials Committee ensures all voting delegates have the proper credentials and their chapters are in good standing with the National Fraternity.

Resolutions Committee – This committee ensures the Convention recognizes, through official resolution, the efforts and initiative of various members, components and related supporters who are an integral part of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee reviews and certifies all candidates for the Grand Council. This committee presents a recommended slate of candidates for election to the Convention voting delegation.