If you are interested in the ideals and values of Delta Sigma Phi, but there is no chapter on your campus? It could be possible to start an interest group and petition for recognition with the Fraternity and your campus administration.

Our Petition Guide will help you follow our process for receiving recognition as a new chapter of Delta Sig. Please keep in mind that we do not storm campuses. Without explicit consent from your institution’s administration and/or student activities office, we will not recognize any petitioning group as a new chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. We recognize that starting an interest group takes patience, vision and plenty of effort. We value all interest in starting a new chapter of Delta Sigma Phi, but we always want to ensure coming to campus is welcomed and beneficial to the campus community.

If you have an interest group or if you are curious about our process, let us know. Call Director of Fraternity Growth and Support, Ry Beck, at beck@deltasig.org or (317) 634-1899 ext. 485, after you have spoken with the proper professional staff or administration member at your institution.

Download our Petition Guide.