Educational Initiatives

You hear us say it. Our mission is Building Better Men. But what does that really mean? How does membership in Delta Sigma Phi actually develop you into a man who leads with courage, acts with passion and strives for excellence?

So many aspects of our brotherhood inspire and equip you to be The Better Man: teamwork, philanthropic service, leadership positions within the chapter, focus on academic excellence, professional development, networking, Fraternity programs and more. In fact, each of our initiatives fits into Delta Sigma Phi’s educational framework, a holistic, educational plan designed to help our members reach their full potential.

We looked at the foundational precepts of how we define The Better Men and analyzed higher education research to identify four main areas of personal growth representing the life-long development of a Delta Sig. These holistic development concepts include: Intrapersonal Development, Interpersonal Development, Organizational Capacity, and Post-Collegiate Development. Each of these development areas have subsequent educational topics and specific learning objectives.

If you have questions about Delta Sigma Phi’s educational framework and the objectives of our Fraternity programs, contact us at or 317.634.1899.

Better Men. Better Lives.