Blood, Sweat & Cash is Delta Sigma Phi’s nationwide initiative to raise awareness and funds for the American Red Cross. We are committed to supporting the actions of the Red Cross in all areas of programming, including disaster relief, blood and tissue donations, service to military families, responder certification, and medical services.

During the 2013-2014 academic year, Delta Sig members collected more than 1,200 pints of blood (saving up to 3,600 lives), donated over $30,000 to Red Cross causes and made national news for successful canvassing campaigns.

Need ideas for how your chapter can take part in Blood, Sweat & Cash and help the Red Cross? Here are some popular events:

Donate to the Red Cross

Disaster Relief

Our partnership with the Red Cross stemmed from mutual efforts to benefit those impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The American Red Cross responds to about 70,000 natural and man-made disasters each year, ranging from house fires and transportation accidents to massive hurricanes and floods.

To help, chapters can:

  • Provide CPR certification for members.
  • Volunteer with the Red Cross on the ground during a disaster.
  • Canvass local communities about disaster preparedness techniques.
  • Create preparedness kits for community members.


Military Families

The American Red Cross’ history traces back to efforts during the Civil War to provide aid to wounded soldiers. Today, messages delivered to soldiers in combat are regularly delivered through the Red Cross, and a number of programs support families of men and women serving in our armed forces.

To help, chapters can:

  • Send care packages to troops overseas.
  • Provide transportation and reintegration support for wounded warriors.
  • Fundraise to support veterans and their families.
  • Connect military families with local resources to make life easier.


Health And Safety Training And Education

Do you have the skills necessary to save a life? The Red Cross offers a series of certifications including those in first aid, as a first responder and CPR.

To help, chapters can:

  • Provide CPR and first aid certification for members.
  • Fundraise to support Red Cross training programs.
  • Volunteer at a Red Cross training event.
  • Distribute information on how to develop emergency plans.
  • Put together emergency plans and kits for community members.


Blood & Tissue Donations

Did you know one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives? Blood and tissue drives allow the Red Cross to save lives across the globe.

To help, chapters can:

  • Work with the Red Cross and university to host blood drives on campus.
  • Volunteer at a Red Cross blood drive in the community.
  • Coordinate travel for chapter members/fellow students to attend a blood drive.

Every qualified donor can give multiple times each year, which means each chapter can host multiple blood drives each year to multiply its efforts.


Philanthropic Donations

Delta Sig chapters raised more than $80,000 for the Red Cross in 2013-2014.

To fundraise, chapters can:

  • Set up tables on campus to collect donations.
  • Sell Delta Sigma Phi Blood, Sweat & Cash wristbands.
  • Host campus/community-wide cookouts.
  • Sponsor an athletic competition for campus organizations.
  • Start an online donation or letter writing campaign.

Questions? Email to ask how to participate in Blood, Sweat & Cash initiatives and for more resources.