Social Strengths

Social Strengths is Delta Sig’s award winning program that focuses on healthy social interactions and relationships, sexual assault prevention, and bystander intervention. This program truly takes a unique approach to these topics and gives practical, easy to use tactics to help brothers and friends stay safe within today’s college social scene.

Developed with the aid of Aaron Boe, founder of Prevention Culture, the Social Strengths Workshop launched in 2015, with 95 percent of participants stating they felt more able to recognize warning signs that crop up during arguments, beyond physical violence.

Delta Sigma Phi chapters are encouraged and expected to host Social Strengths every three years to ensure an unique audience. The workshop is facilitated by a Delta Sig staff member or trained volunteer. In addition to the 90-minute in-person workshop, additional resources are available in The LAMP. Chapter officers should contact Delta Sigma Phi Headquarters to schedule a Social Strengths workshop.

You can use this resource to get a workshop scheduled with your chapter.

What Will You Learn?

As a result of attending a Social Strengths workshop, members of Delta Sigma Phi will:

  • Be able to identify and appreciate the standards and behaviors that ensure rising above harmful behaviors in order to improve the quality of one’s social life and relationships;
  • Be able to recognize the seriousness of problematic situations, and gain confidence to know when and how to do something helpful.