As a donor, you can transfer appreciated securities to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation and receive a tax deduction.

How to Make a Gift of Stock

Work with your broker to transfer any appreciated securities to the Foundation. As you do, we ask that you let us know! Please contact Nathan Wight, Chief Advancement Officer, at or 317.607.8565 to inform him of the transfer. We will be sure to allocate the funds as requested and provide a tax receipt for you.

It may be helpful to contact Stephanie Doane, our UBS Representative at (317) 816-1833. She can help answer any questions you may have and facilitate with the transfer.

The Federal Identification Number for the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation is 84-6035598.

You can direct your gift to:
UBS Financial Services
DTCC #0221
FBO Delta Sigma Phi Foundation
Account 2H-15XXX (The full account number has been masked for security purposes and can be obtained by calling the Foundation or UBS directly.)