Are you looking for a way to ensure your donation benefits a specific undergraduate Delta Sig chapter? Through the Foundation, you can make a tax-deductible gift to a Chapter Leadership Fund—a fund earmarked to benefit that particular chapter.

All open chapters and new chapters, as well as chapters slated for redevelopment are eligible. If a dormant chapter has Endowed Funds or General Funds, they will be available for use once the chapter reopens. Restricted donations in a Chapter Leadership Fund can be granted for educational purposes such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Computer & networking equipment
  • Libraries
  • Leadership training
  • Leadership retreats (transportation, meals, lodging, etc.)
  • National Convention registration along with transportation, meals and lodging
  • Travel, meals and lodging for attending Fraternity leadership programs
  • Furniture and similar items for educational spaces

How to Donate to Chapter Leadership Funds

Donating to a Chapter Leadership Fund is easy! When you make a donation to the Foundation, simply note that you want your donation to go to your Chapter Leadership Fund in the notes section. It’s that simple! Chapters have two funds that donors can support:

  • Endowed Funds (also known as A Funds) – The principal is invested in the Foundation’s portfolio, and the earnings from the investment returns can be used for educational and leadership purposes. This fund has a 2% annual management fee to cover investment and audit fees the Foundation incurs.
  • General Funds (also known as B Funds) – Any amount of money from these funds can be used. This fund has a CD rate of return and no annual management fee.

How to Set Up a Chapter Leadership Fund

If your chapter does not have a Chapter Leadership Fund, please contact Chief Advancement Officer Nathan Wight at

Requesting Money From Your Chapter Leadership Fund:

To use Chapter Leadership Funds, the chapter’s Alumni Corporation Board must submit an online Grant Request Form. Once the grant request is approved by the Foundation, the ACB must then submit a Grant Award Agreement. The acceptance form and other materials can be sent to Tim Meyer, Director of Finance, at; or Nathan Wight, Chief Advancement Officer at

Grant Request Form

Grant Award Agreement

If you are an ACB and are interested in awarding scholarships to chapter members, you can use this sample scholarship application to help you get started.