Recurring gifts help make donating easy by automating the process, eliminating the need to remind yourself to give! It is also a great way to help Delta Sigma Phi by providing steady, reliable funding for students through a monthly, quarterly or annual gift to the Foundation.

How It Works

You determine the amount and frequency of your donation. We will charge your gift to your credit card, debit card or bank account at the predetermined interval (charges are made on or around the same date each period). We will send you an email confirmation of the charge. Then we will send you an annual statement that can be used for tax purposes. Your gift will automatically renew each year. It’s simple, secure and one of the easiest ways that you can support Delta Sigma Phi!

How to Sign Up

When making your gift online, simply mark if you want to make the donation a recurring gift. You can also fill out the Direct Payment Plan Authorization Form (NOCHEX), for gifts made through your bank account. By utilizing this method and having the donation run through your bank account, you can avoid credit card fees and ever changing expiration dates.

Join the Insula Society – A Monthly Giving Opportunity

The founding chapter of Delta Sigma Phi—the Insula Chapter at the City College of New York—was the foundation on which our Fraternity was built. In that same fashion, we are seeking donors to become the cornerstone of the Foundation: the Insula Society.

The Insula Society is the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation’s monthly giving program. Any donor making a monthly contribution of $10 or more is automatically included! Your generous donations will create a stable foundation to further improve our values-based leadership programs. Monthly contributions restricted to a specific chapter will also grant you membership to the Insula Society.

As a member of the Insula Society, you will receive an exclusive lapel pin, your name on our website/in publications, and recognition at Convention. Click here to become a member of the Insula Society today.

The Impact of Recurring Gifts

Recurring gifts provide the Foundation with a steady flow of income used to help the Fraternity fulfill its educational mission. No matter the time of year, there are always important Fraternity programs that need funding.

Did you know?

  • $50 per month provides training for one student to attend the Presidents Academy.
  • $35 per month provides tuition for one brother to attend Leadership Institute.
  • $18.99 per month provides tuition for one student to attend LEAD Weekend.

After you have signed up, you can cancel or alter your gift any time by calling us at 317.634.1899 or emailing