As Delta Sigs, we frequently talk about “paying the debt”. Those members who give their time & energy back to the Fraternity help our brotherhood thrive.

One way members can pay the debt is by mentoring today’s undergraduate members; Delta Sig needs your help in building a stronger fraternity!

  • Undergraduate members want and need alumni assistance
  • Chapter leaders are seeking alumni that can help them navigate business operations
  • We know that chapters with engaged alumni operate at a higher level

Delta Sigma Phi cannot succeed without the support and guidance of dedicated volunteers. These men Pay the Debt to the Fraternity by giving their time, talents, mentorship and friendship to help us Build Better Men.

There are many ways to volunteer with Delta Sig. No matter the commitment made, every bit of time given makes a difference in the lives of our undergraduates and on the future of the Fraternity. Want to know more about how to get involved? Here are some great ways to volunteer with us. You can also connect with Vince Woods, Assistant Director of Volunteer Engagement by email, woods@deltasig.org or by phone, 336.270.9880.

Volunteer with a Chapter

Alumni Corporation Board: These volunteers serve undergraduate chapters and new chapters on external operations, including: fundraising, facility management, alumni relations and more.

Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board: These members or nonmembers serve as advisors to the chapter and new chapters on operations, recruitment, programming and more.


Volunteer on the National Level

Commissioners: Deputy Commissioners work directly with ACBs and CCABs in their areas on training, operations and planning. Regional Commissioners work directly with Deputy Commissioners in their region.

National Committees: There are a number of national committees on which a member can serve. Find a committee that best fits your interests.

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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
— Elizabeth Andrew

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