Estate & Planned Giving

Leave a legacy for the next generation of better men.

Looking for a way to leave a lasting legacy with Delta Sigma Phi? It is easy to include the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation in your estate plans, and these gifts are fiscally responsible for both you and the Foundation.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are the most common ways to support the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation and our eager undergrads in your plans.

Charitable Bequests

A charitable bequest is one of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impact on Delta Sigma Phi. A bequest may be made in your will or trust directing a gift to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation. Through our partnership with FreeWill, you can create your estate plan and plan your gift, entirely online, at no cost.

Already have Delta Sigma Phi included your estate plans? Please fill out this form so we can include you in our Society of Benefactors.

Gift of Life Insurance

You can make Delta Sigma Phi Foundation a partial or full beneficiary of your policy. Another option is to transfer ownership of the policy to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation and receive a charitable deduction for the transfer. You can also continue making tax-deductible donations to continue paying for the premium!


Gift of Real Estate

A gift of your appreciated real property (such as your home, vacation property, vacant land, farmland, ranch or commercial property) can make a great donation to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation. Find out how to make a gift of real estate.


Gift of Retirement Assets

A gift of your retirement assets, such as a gift from your IRA, 401k, 403b, pension, or any other tax-deferred plan is an excellent way to make a gift to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation. Learn more about potential tax savings.


Gift of Stock

As a donor, you can transfer appreciated securities to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation and receive a tax deduction.


To learn more about estate planning or for questions on the language of your bequest, please contact:
Nathan Wight, Chief Advancement Officer  |  317.607.8565

Society of Benefactors

Our Society of Benefactors recognizes those donors who have included the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation in their estate plans. These members have made a conscious decision to leave a legacy to the Foundation upon their passing and Delta Sig is forever grateful.

Nico Amoroso Millikin University 2005
Tom Archer University of Virginia 1987
Dave Bahlmann Hillsdale College 1958
*Don Baker Montana State University 1963
Justin Baldwin San Jose State University 1964
Elliott Beach Thiel University 2012
Joe Bertolino East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania 1994
Michael Bivens University of Idaho 2016
Gene Blanchard University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1950
John Boma University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1980
Eugene Bomchill University of Wisconsin – Platteville 1982
Charles Bowen Stetson University 1971
Brian Brooks University of Missouri 1964
Jeff Burrows University of Missouri 1976
Jim Butler Missouri University of Science & Technology 1962
Roger Carroll University of Virginia 1980
Scott Chase University of Houston 1965
Lee Cohen Indiana University, South Bend 2012
*Dave Collins Western Michigan University 1965
Nathan Craig Purdue University 2010
Chris Cronin University of Detroit Mercey 1984
Tom Cycyota University of Illinois 1977
Dal Davis University of Missouri 1977
Tom Decker Saint Louis University 1969
Jason DeKeuster University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 1995
Bob Delaney Saint Louis University 1984
*Ted Desch University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1949
Lee Dueringer University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1960
David Eason Colorado State University 1991
Chris Edmonds University of Alabama at Birmingham 1988
*Bill Fabianic Washington University in St. Louis 1954
Joe Falter Kansas State University 2009
Alex Fenech Utah State University 2008
Chuck Finklea Barton College 1974
Allen Fore Eureka College 1986
Nicholas Garrett Millikin University 2003
James Gay University of Missouri 2001
Nathaniel Gaydosik Shorter University 2014
Tim Gentry University of Missouri 1981
Mike Griffin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1986
Jon Gundlach Oglethorpe University 1987
Dick Handshaw Alfred University 1968
John Harrell Hillsdale College 1957
Dave Harvey University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1988
William Hassett Western Illinois University 1988
Brad Heutmaker University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 1993
Kyle Hodges Purdue University 2008
Mike Hoffman Arizona State University 1985
Ronald Hoffman Missouri University of Science & Technology 1969
Chris Horvath Johnson & Wales University (RI) 1993
Tom Howard University of Houston 1966
James (JD) Ingraham Georgia Institute of Technology 2008
E. Allen James North Carolina State University 1965
Patrick Jessee Purdue University 2001
Divyesh Jevtani Illinois State University 2001
Erik Johannesen San Diego State University 1978
Mark Johnson San Diego State University 1983
Jim Jones University of Michigan 1991
Barry Kalian California State University, Sacramento 1985
Gary Kalian The University of California, Berkeley 1958
Matthew Katsaros University of Georgia 2002
Wayne Kendrick California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 1973
Dan Kitrell St. Cloud State University 1980
*Robert Koch University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 1967
Jim Larson California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 1972
Daniel Lawrenz University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 1985
David Leon University of California, Los Angeles 1989
Norman Lincoln Wittenberg University 1951
Bruce Loewenberg University of Missouri 1958
Kevin Lynn Pennsylvania State University 1992
Loren Mall Kansas State University 1958
Jared Martin Kennesaw State University 2015
David Mazzeo University of Maryland 1985
Grant McCloud Millikin University 1993
*James McGinty Auburn University 1944
Richard McLellan Michigan State University 1961
Stan McLemore University of Alabama at Birmingham 1984
Drew Minnis Missouri State University 2020
Art Mitchell San Diego State University 1977
Mike Morris Eastern Michigan University 1965
*Ron Muckenthaler University of Southern California 1951
James Mumford Wingate University 1992
Nat Norris University of Kentucky 1995
Jerry O’Brien Purdue University 1959
Matthew Paquette IUPUI 2012
Nic Parra Arizona State University 2013
Brian Patrick University of North Texas 1968
Blake Pedersen Purdue University 2010
Mike Petrik Eastern Illinois University 1976
*Jim Pilz Michigan State University 1946
John Prange Millikin University 1958
Ron Reed Western Illinois University 1968
Warren Reed University of Alabama 1991
Ken Riley University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse 1985
Louie Ripberger Purdue University 1974
Ed Rodriguez The University of Texas at Austin 1986
Tom Roeser Purdue University 1970
Tom Rogers Eastern Michigan University 1960
Dylan Rood Western Carolina University 2017
Austin Salisbury Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2015
Dave Saxon University of Alabama 1980
Tom Seto Purdue University 2005
Russ Shaw The Ohio State University 1959
Tony Smercina The University of Texas at Austin 1981
Charles Smith The University of Arizona 1957
Greg Speno University of Missouri 1965
Brandon Stewart Grand Valley State University 2007
*Hank Stricker University of Michigan 1948
Michael Sultan Woodbury University 1968
Todd Thurber The University of Texas at Austin 1983
Bud Tishkowski Hillsdale College 1957
James Unger University of Missouri 1967
Gene Vance Transylvani1a University 1985
Eric Wagner The Ohio State University 1962
Aaron Wakley Thiel College 2011
Quincy Waldron Drexel University 1998
*William and Donna Wilder
Scott Wiley State University of New York at Oswego 1997
Ken Willard Purdue University 1990
Chris Williams Lander University 2017
Gil Williamson San Jose State University 1958
Kody Wilson University of Northern Colorado 2009
Michael Wims University of North Texas 1966
Ronald Wunsch Saint Louis University 1963
Bill Yates Grand Valley State University 1997
David Zoltowski Drexel University 2003
Ron Bloom University of Missouri 1964