Delta Sigma Phi

Vision 2025

Becoming America's Leading Fraternity

Delta Sigma Phi Exists to Build Better Men.

The Architects

Since its inception in 2006, more than 500 undergraduates, alumni and friends of Delta Sigma Phi have contributed to the development and refining of Vision 2025 to provide a common organization-wide strategic direction that meets the needs of the national organization and its local components. The list of contributors includes:
• Alumni Corporation Board members
• Chapter Advisors
• Undergraduate chapter officers
• Commissioners
• Current & Former Grand Councilmen
• Foundation Board of Trustees
• Leadership Institute Graduates
• Parents
• Recruitment Chairmen
• Regional Leadership Academy Participants
• Current & Former Undergraduate Advisory Committee Members
• Current & Former Headquarters Staff

Core Values

Above all else, Delta Sigma Phi is a values-based membership organization that seeks to enrich the lives of our members and all mankind. We believe in—and built Vision 2025 around—our three historical values:
• Culture: Encourage the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual development in our chapters and members.
• Harmony: Commit to high standards of moral conduct and bettering ourselves and the world around us.
• Friendship: Form lifelong bonds based on the values of our ritual and secured by honesty, integrity and care.

The Future

Delta Sigma Phi’s vision is to become America’s Leading Fraternity, setting the standard of excellence for lifelong fraternity. The board framework will be used at all levels of the Fraternity—from undergraduate chapters and new chapters to alumni volunteers, from the average member to National Fraternity leadership. Vision 2025 ties the entire Fraternity together through common strategies, initiatives and objectives that are critical to fulfilling Delta Sigma Phi’s mission.


Our members will be known for their reputation as scholars, leaders and gentlemen.


The Fraternity will be recognized and respected for our support of our host institutions’ academic missions.


Parents and family understand the value of member and encourage membership and involvement for undergraduate men.


Our members will be sought after by civic, business and professional leaders because they are men who can make a difference.

For Life

Delta Sig will provide leadership for a lifetime by forging bonds of friendship and brotherhood that are the bedrock of social development.

“The payment of the debt must take definite, tangible, material form. One of the most valuable ways to make payment is to bring into the group a new man, ‘better than yourself.’ Another way is to enhance the good name and reputation of the Fraternity through your appearance, conduct and participation in extracurricular activities. A third way is to work within the Fraternity—possibly the most important of the three and certainly the most exacting and too often the least appreciated.”

Paying the debt

Every brother in Delta Sigma Phi owes a debt to the Fraternity—a debt that cannot be measured in dollars and cents, that cannot be paid by mere passive loyalty and static support. But this debt must be recognized and discharged for the Fraternity to prosper and for brothers to get the greatest possible benefit from Fraternity membership.

The debt represents a member's obligations for all the training, polishing and the development he accomplishes through Delta Sig throughout his life. It includes the fruits of friendship and brotherhood that accrue with each passing year. It includes the idealism embodied in the Ritual, exemplified in the lives of true Brothers in the Bond and grows brighter each time it is passed on from brother to brother.

Future Vision

By 2025, Delta Sigma Phi will achieve these milestones:


trained and engaged alumni volunteers


among NIC fraternities in terms of undergraduates receiving leadership training

Top 5

in the NIC in terms of chapter academic excellence and average chapter size


active undergraduate members


active chapters and new chapters

Our 2015-2020 metrics

  • Developing Strong Leaders

    Key Strategies:

    • Continue to expand and enhance leadership initiatives around a continuum of learning that is in sync with the distinct stages of the membership experience.
    • Create mentoring, personal and professional development programs, and experiential learning initiatives that connect alumni and undergraduates.
    • Develop and launch mobile and online learning modules that have the ability to reach all of our members.
    • Seek out strategic relationships that further advance our ability to deliver relevant and cutting edge leadership development to members in real time.

    2020 Metrics:

    • 5,000 undergraduate and alumni members will be engaged in mentoring relationships facilitated through the National Fraternity.
    • 75% of undergraduate members will engage in learning experiences through the LAMP every year.
    • 100% of local volunteers will receive education and certification.
    • The Fraternity will develop third-party relationships to leverage educational and leadership content and opportunities through the LAMP.

    Building Stronger Chapters

    Key Strategies:

    • Continue to reinforce the basic expectations of membership in Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.
    • Chapters will outperform peer organizations on their campus in terms of academic excellence and membership growth.
    • Chapters and their members will set the standard for servant leadership through their active participation in the life of their campus community.
    • Alumni volunteers will actively provide sound guidance and counsel to chapters and their members while ensuring that the chapter experience is perpetual.
    • Delta Sigma Phi’s relationship with the American Red Cross will align all chapters to direct their voluntary efforts locally and their philanthropic efforts nationally.


    2020 Metrics:

    • 100% of undergraduates and alumni volunteers will receive annual ethical and values-based education.
    • At least half of our chapters will maintain GPAs that rank in the top 20% of fraternities on their campus.
    • Our members will contribute 125,000 hours of community service annually.
    • Every chapter will have a fully functional Alumni Corporation Board or Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board that has developed a strategic plan.

    Becoming the Strongest Fraternity

    Key Strategies:

    • Continue to actively manage organizational risk.
    • Execute an aggressive fraternity growth and development program.
    • Further enhance the relevance and reach of the Delta Sigma Phi brand.
    • Ensure adequate financial resources are available to provide the best lifelong membership experience and implement strategic initiatives.
    • Create a competitive chapter housing strategy.


    2020 Metrics:

    • Within the first six weeks of joining, every undergraduate member will receive education on alcohol consumption, hazing and sexual assault.
    • Every chapter will have a Certified Risk Management Advisor.
    • The Fraternity will grow to 150 undergraduate chapters with an average size of 60 members.
    • The Fraternity will implement a net promoter score surveyed to institutions, IFCs, parents and communities.
    • Every chapter and alumni group will utilize a consistent brand platform and style guide to ensure consistency in brand identity.