Delta Sigma Phi National President Tom Cycyota Honored

Delta Sigma Phi alumnus and National President, Tom Cycyota, was recognized by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with the 2015 LAS Alumni Humanitarian Award for his work in human tissue donation and transplantation.

Cycyota serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest non-profit providers of cartilage, cellular, bone, skin and soft-tissue allografts for use in spine, sports medicine, foot and ankle, orthopedic, reconstructive, trauma and wound care applications. The company is inspired by its donors to develop innovations that advance the potential of tissue for use in healing patents. In 2014, AlloSource was named Company of the Year by the Colorado BioScience Association.

A 1977 initiate of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Cycyota graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. As an undergraduate, he served in a number of chapter leadership positions and after graduation went on to work at Delta Sigma Phi as a member of the national headquarters staff.

Serving as National President of Delta Sigma Phi since 2013, Cycyota has worked closely with Delta Sigma Phi leadership to continue laser focus on Vision 2025, the Fraternity’s strategic plan. During his time as National President, Delta Sigma Phi has experienced increased growth, improved financial stability, and a renewed dedication to communications and transparency.

“Tom’s leadership and guidance has been paramount to the success we have achieved in recent years”, said Patrick Jessee, Executive Director and CEO of Delta Sigma Phi. “His passion for our mission of Building Better Men can be seen in all of the work he does for Delta Sig. He truly is one of our biggest champions.”

In 2013, Cycyota and his wife, Cyndy, made a charitable contribution to the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation to fund the next 10 years of the annual Delta Sigma Phi Leadership Institute, a brick-and-mortar program aligned with achieving the organization’s mission of Building Better Men, based on the central values of Courage, Action and Excellence.

Delta Sigma Phi Executive Director Patrick Jessee Honored

Delta Sigma Phi Executive Director and CEO, Patrick Jessee, has been recognized by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education in its inaugural 21st Century Scholar Awards.

Jessee was recognized Distinguished Alumni Award winner at the 21st Century Scholars Anniversary Awards Reception and Ceremony on December 2, 2015. The award recognizes individuals for their professional achievements, contributions to society and continued support of the 21st Century Scholars Program.

Previously an attorney in Washington, D.C., Patrick Jessee joined the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity team as Executive Director and CEO on January 15, 2013. Jessee is the eleventh executive director of the Fraternity. He is a 2001 initiate of the Delta Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi, at Purdue University, and holds a juris doctorate from George Washington University.

An Indiana native, Jessee comes from a humble beginning, spending his childhood with his family in poverty, dependent on food stamps, food kitchens, and Section-8 housing. In the 8th grade, Jessee suffered a catastrophic loss in the death of his mother; he and his sister Sarah were left in the care of an abusive father and an incredibly difficult environment to thrive. In his 8th grade year, Patrick was enrolled in the 21st Century Scholars program by his school’s guidance counselor. He credits the program for giving him hope and turning his outlook around.

Jessee graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and went on to attend Purdue University, where he met members of Delta Sig’s Delta Delta Chapter, drawn in by their earnest commitment to values. “I had been going to recruitment events at various fraternities, and none of them were talking to me about the things the men at Delta Sigma Phi at Purdue were talking about – leadership, chivalry, a commitment to uplifting our communities through services, and a mission of Building Better Men.

Tom Cycyota, National President of Delta Sigma Phi, said of Jessee: “Patrick embodies Delta Sigma Phi’s mission of Building Better Men, both in how the Fraternity impacted his life, and how, in turn, he has gone on to positively impact the lives of so many young men through his leadership at Delta Sigma Phi. His authenticity and sincere belief in our mission, strengthened by his wealth of knowledge and strong leadership, continue to push Delta Sigma Phi toward its vision of becoming America’s Leading Fraternity.”

Announcement Regarding Closure of Eta Xi Chapter at Towson University

For Immediate Release

December 16, 2015

Contact: Patrick F. Jessee, JD, Executive Director and CEO


Delta Sigma Phi Closes Chapter at Towson University

On December 16, 2015, Delta Sigma Phi suspended our Eta Xi Chapter at Towson University. This decision, while extremely difficult, was made with critical insight from Towson University and done in the best interest of our Fraternity’s future at the university. The suspension of the chapter came as a result of the chapter’s multiple and egregious violations of university and National Fraternity policies.

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is committed to upholding our standards and fostering meaningful Fraternity experiences for our members. Despite the chapter’s strengths, a failure of undergraduate leadership and brazen disregard for the Fraternity’s policies prohibiting hazing activities ultimately prompted a strong response. There are good men from Eta Xi Chapter who now must pay a great price for the actions of other members; we are truly disheartened that those brothers will lose this undergraduate component of the Fraternity experience.

In October 2015, reports of serious and repeated hazing activities – later confirmed by a university investigation – highlighted behavior inconsistent with the high standards that Delta Sigma Phi demands. The Eta Xi Chapter accepted responsibility for harassing and humiliating men seeking membership within the Fraternity, and for hazing activities that included forced calisthenics and personal servitude. The National Fraternity determined, together with Towson University, it was not in the best interest of Delta Sigma Phi to continue operating Eta Xi Chapter. The Fraternity cannot, and will not, tolerate blatant disregard toward our policies and standards for members and chapters.

The National Fraternity and university have agreed to an initial period of suspension and disbandment of Eta Xi Chapter through the end of the 2017. Delta Sigma Phi is committed to providing a premier, values-based fraternity to Towson University and will utilize its resources to recruit new men who—upon our return to the university—will uphold our mission of Building Better Men. We are confident that we will once again have a chapter of men who are committed to the ideals of Delta Sigma Phi.

The news of the chapter’s suspension is—without a doubt—upsetting for all Eta Xi undergraduate members, Fraternity alumni and other supporters. While difficult in the short-term, the National Fraternity is committed to working diligently with our alumni and Towson community to restore Eta Xi Chapter with Men of Courage, Action and Excellence.

Founder’s Day 2015 – A Message from Patrick Jessee


We are a legacy. We are a legacy of the ideals and passionate declarations made by the men who set us on our journey towards a transformative mission. We are a brotherhood in the service of that mission which is still relevant, still resonant, today just as it was 116 years ago. Tomorrow is our Founders’ Day, a day we celebrate 116 years of developing Men of Courage, Men of Action, Men of Excellence. We are the Better Man.  We are Delta Sigma Phi.

Founders’ Day is our day. It’s our day to reflect on our shared beginnings and the men who started our movement. It’s our day to see in ourselves the present-day embodiment of our Founding Fathers’ dreams and aspirations for a universal brotherhood of man. It’s our day to look to the future and challenge ourselves in who we can become. And it is our day to both be inspired by Delta Sigma Phi and to Repay our Debt to the Fraternity by committing our time and treasure toward that future.

After 116 years, we continue to make our mark on the lives of thousands of young men. We recruit those who earnestly believe in bettering themselves, and their journey as a Delta Sig is continuously supported by opportunities to give members the most from their experience. Each of us has something special to give, regardless of our stage in life, to improving that experience. Take time to consider how you can be a part of furthering our cause.

As Brothers of Delta Sigma Phi, ours is a mission that is unwavering. We must always strive to lead headlong into the challenges our modern world faces, we must push beyond the status quo even when under the weight of discrimination, injustice and prejudice, and we must always find ways to achieve excellence in all areas of life.

It’s our ceaseless dedication to self-improvement and personal development that sets us apart, and our integrity, perseverance and authenticity that make us Better Men.

Tomorrow, as you recognize Founders’ Day, we invite you to wear your Delta Sig pin. Go out and show your pride in our brotherhood. But more importantly, we invite you to rededicate yourself to the mission on which Delta Sigma Phi was founded. Tomorrow is Founders’ Day, and you are Delta Sigma Phi.


Patrick F. Jessee
Executive Director & CEO, Purdue ’01

A Founders’ Day Message from Yesterday, for Today

Founders’ Day is a time-honored tradition for Delta Sigma Phi. Each year on December 10, Brothers are invited to pause and reflect on the legacy and values established by the founders of Delta Sig.

In 2011, Brother Marco Henry Negrete, San Jose University, ’10, wrote a powerful take on the importance of Founders’ Day and what the Delta Sigma Phi Brotherhood represents. In recognition of Founders’ Days both past and present, we are sharing his story here at

Dear Meyer Boskey and Charles Tonsor,

When I woke up today I had this feeling in my heart and in my mind. It’s a feeling that I’ve had every morning for over four years now. I woke and I wanted to be better than I was yesterday, a better brother, leader, friend, student, and man. When I look at the challenges I have in front of me, I reflect the lives you lived for inspiration.

I still find it hard to believe that you guys had the strength and determination to build our fraternity as just teenagers. How were you able to create the ritual, in which I try to live my everyday life by, at such a young age? I look at the obstacles that stood in your way and bravery you had to display in order to get our organization off the ground. I can’t imagine the amounts of discrimination and pure hatred others showed to you just for wanting to be be different, for wanting to be better. The pride in me tells me that I could have done it, too! I could have done what you guys did. I could have endured all of that for the sake of our letters. As much as I want to believe that, and as hard as try to convince myself, I don’t think I could have.

I know what it’s like to wear our letters and not fit in. I know what it’s like for others to reject you because of your beliefs. I’ve felt a taste of what you lived through to create a fraternity that refused to be typical,and when I think about my experience and how I overcame it, my thoughts leads back to you. When I did it, I was doing it at one university with a group of strong brothers, alumni, and supporters. When you did it, it was you against the world. You against a world that was so eager to hate, and so unwilling to accept those who saw things differently.

I often wonder what was going through your minds. I wonder how many times you felt like quitting? How many times others ridiculed you and rejected your desire to build a fraternity where culture, harmony, and friendship can build better men? How many times others said you didn’t belong? What did it feel like when some of the early chapters turned their backs and betrayed the oaths they had taken? It would have been easy for you to quit like the others. It would have been been easy to combat the scrutiny with anger of your own, but that would not have been the Delta Sig way. That is not what the lessons from the almighty Sphinx taught you. You saw the need for a better world and believed you could improve it by challenging yourselves to be better.

Its been 112 years since you met in that library at the College of the City of New York to create Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. Our world has changed a lot since then and so have fraternities. The standards you created in 1899 are now shared by many organizations. What’s even more impressive, is that your strong hopes for our fraternity have grown in your absence, and in your honor. The beliefs you had to create a brotherhood free of segregation now extends to areas deeper than just religion or race. Your belief in basing membership on character still exists, and we still ignore the factors that don’t involve one’s desire to be a better man. Our fraternity now represents men of all colors, classes, religions, and lifestyles. Don’t worry though, we have not forgotten your humble beginnings and strong values.

I want to thank you for challenging generations of men to be better. I want to thank you for inspiring some of the men who inspire me, and for allowing me to inspire others. I want to thank you for helping me continue to grow into the man I always knew I could become. I want to thank you for creating a fraternity with men like me in mind. I’m not just talking about my skin color or my religion, I’m talking about men who want to be better and refuse to be typical. The world deserved better then and it still does now.

I don’t know what your response would be to this letter, and I don’t know what you would say about our fraternity now, 112 years later…

But I hope you’d be proud. Because I am.
Marco Henry Negrete Jr.

See his original post here.

Second Chance Silent Auction Items

Attention Delta Sig Nation! Second chance silent auction items from the New Orleans Convention are available. If you are interested in any of the below unsold items, please email Alaina Cutler at ASAP to place an offer. Item goes to the best offer!


Auto Club Speedway VIP Passes

A VIP experience at the 2016 NASCAR Weekend at Auto Club Speedway located in the greater Los Angeles area in Fontana, CA.  The VIP guests will receive 2 all-inclusive suite passes to attend both the NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup series races.  The VIP experience will include pit passes, garage passes, and a pace car ride on the track at Auto Club Speedway.

Fair Market Value: $2,000 // Suggested Starting Bid: $850



Yankees Baseball and Golf Package

Two (2) tickets and one (1) parking pass to a 2016 New York Yankees Spring Training Game in the Tampa Sports Authority suite. Also includes twosome with cart for 3 days to play 18 holes of golf at any of the three Tampa Sports Authority Gold Courses.

Fair Market Value: $530 // Suggested Starting Bid: $200



New Orleans Hotel Stay

Two (2) night stay certificate at the New Orleans Marriott on Canal Street (based on availability). Expiration date: 7/10/2016.

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Two Xbox One Games

Call of Duty Ghosts Prestige Edition and Diablo, Reaper of Souls. Both games are new in box.

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