Starting in 2016, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity will make available an award application for those chapters seeking to improve their chances of winning one of several recognitions awarded by The Fraternity each year.

As a continuation of the Fraternity’s overhaul of its annual accreditation process (read about The Pyramid Program here), chapters will now have the ability to submit additional information for any of the following awards by completing the Fraternity’s award application:

  • The Blood, Sweat & Cash Award for excellence in service and fundraising on behalf of the American Red Cross, the Fraternity’s official philanthropic focus
  • The Delta Sigma Phi Service Award for excellence in volunteer efforts throughout the year
  • The Delta Sigma Phi Philanthropy Award for excellence in service and fundraising on behalf of a nonprofit other than The American Red Cross
  • The Delta Sigma Phi Excellence in Recruitment Award for an outstanding performance in recruitment, retention and incorporation of recruitment techniques and strategies taught at the Bruce J. Loewenberg Summit
  • The Delta Sigma Phi Ritual Award for excellence in integrating the Fraternity’s Ritual into the regular activities of a chapter and its members *NEW*

Additionally, any of the above submissions will be considered in determining Chapter of Distinction and Pyramid of Excellence award winners.

Completing the application is not required for a chapter to be considered for an award, and chapters will only be eligible for any of the above-mentioned awards if they complete the associated component of the Pyramid Program, are not under any form of probation or suspension from the Fraternity.

“This application allows chapters who wish to better publicize their efforts to go above and beyond the basic expectations of the Fraternity to do so without compromising the opportunity for any chapter to win an award,” says Nik Koulogeorge, Director of Fraternity Growth and Services.

“The Pyramid Program is a tool to assist our staff, alumni and volunteers in coaching each chapter to its highest potential. This application ensures that the Pyramid Program will maintain that simple purpose,” he added.

Applications will be accepted starting May 1, 2016. The application can be found here.