The 2019 McKee Scholarship application is now available!

Thanks to the contributions from the late Hensel McKee, Washington ’30, and his wife Jeanette McKee, the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation has awarded approximately $1,000,000 since 2009 to both undergraduate and graduate members. The McKee Scholarship awards scholarships based on leadership, service and academic achievement.

The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation will award up to $10,000 per individual scholarship recipient. To be eligible, applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, be an initiated member of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity in good standing and be enrolled at a college or university during the Fall 2019 term.

Available Awards Include:

The Better Man – Three, $10,000 scholarships awarded to brothers who exceed in the areas of Courage, Action and Excellence.

Man of Courage Award – Twelve, $2,500 scholarships awarded to brothers who are bold in their actions in the face of adversity. Show principled leadership while embracing innovative change and advancement. This member stands as a pillar of strength for his fellow man; provides strong counsel, mentoring and advocacy.

Man of Action Award – Twelve, $2,500 scholarships awarded to undergraduate members who are committed to service, loyalty and generosity. They are supportive to those in need, bring peace and unites the Fraternity with the needs of society.

Man of Excellence Award – Twelve, $2,500 scholarships awarded to members who excel academically. These individuals are able to speak to their academic achievements; awards/scholarships, academic honors and long-term goals.

Sphinx Scholarship ­­­Twelve, $2,500 awarded to members of the Fraternity pursuing a graduate degree.

Nile Scholarship – Twenty, $500 scholarships awarded to members who meet basic qualifications for the McKee Scholarship application.

Application Requirements

  • A complete application
  • Unofficial college transcript showing cumulative GPA

Additional Information

  • Should you be selected as a recipient, you will be asked to submit an official transcript and proof of enrollment for the Fall 2019 term.
  • Please attach a print ready head shot (business dress, at least 1 MB). These photos will be used for press releases of award winners. Reviewers will not be able to view your photo during the grading process.

You may save your progress at any time and return to the application at a later date; however, only completed applications will be considered. If you have additional questions, please contact Madison Denhart at


Apply for the McKee Scholarship here.


Frequently Asked Questions: Based on feedback from previous years, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “I am a graduating senior, do I apply for the Undergraduate or Graduate Scholarship?”
A: If you are a graduating senior and you are attending graduate school in the fall 2019 semester, you should apply for the Graduate Scholarship.

Q: “I will be completing my undergraduate degree over the summer, can I list this degree as earned?”
A: Yes, but confirmation of completion will be needed prior to any awards being given.

Q: “I am a part-time student. Am I eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: Yes, part-time students are eligible for the McKee Scholarship.

Q: “I am pursuing a certificate at a college or university. Am I eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: No. Unfortunately, the McKee Scholarship is only open to those students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Q: “I am studying abroad. Am I eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: Yes, students who are studying abroad are still eligible for the 2019 McKee Scholarship.

Q: “My chapter has been closed. Am I still eligible for the McKee Scholarship?”
A: Yes, if you are a member in good standing, you are still eligible for the McKee Scholarship even if your chapter has been closed.

Q: “I have won the McKee Scholarship in the past. Am I still eligible?”
A: Yes, past recipients are still eligible for the McKee Scholarship and may apply again.

On behalf of the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation, we wish you the best of luck in earning the 2019 McKee Scholarship!