Pyramid Program: Delta Sigma Phi’s New Assessment Model


Delta Sigma Phi has launched a new assessment model for the 2015-2015 academic year called the Pyramid Program.

The new model is designed to incorporate suggestions taken from students, staff, volunteers, and professionals working with fraternities and sororities, and works to streamline the collection and organization of information in a manner that will enable more relevant coaching for all chapters of Delta Sig.

The 20 components are organized into a pyramid, with the most foundational elements in the base and a new opportunity for chapters to tailor their coaching, called Elevation, at the top. Chapters that come closest to completing 20 components will be considered for a Pyramid of Excellence, the Fraternity’s top honor for an undergraduate chapter.

However, there is more to this new assessment than how the components are organized. Here are some changes that will make the Fraternity’s assessment process simpler and more dynamic than in years past:

Information Collection: As opposed to chapters submitting a comprehensive Accreditation report at the end of the school year, with the Pyramid Program, Fraternity Chapter Support Specialists (CSS) and New Chapter Support Specialists (NCSS) will mark off and collect documentation for as many components as possible while visiting each chapter. Chapters may also submit documentation to their CSS or NCSS throughout the year. Then, at the end of each academic year, chapters will have the opportunity to submit any missing documentation. Most importantly, Delta Sig will be able to better give chapters credit for what they do, rather than for just what is reported.

Awards: In addition to submitting additional documentation at the end of the year, chapters will also have the option to apply for any of the Fraternity’s awards. More information on our award application and new awards will be announced this fall. The award packet will be available for download and from our staff on Sept. 25, 2015.

Assessment: In our old model, two chapters with a 70% score could be at completely different performances levels simply based on which points they missed.

The work of each chapter’s Chapter Support Specialist or New Chapter Support Specialist will be to help the chapter complete all of the components of the program. As such, our focus is to work from the base of the pyramid to the top, ensuring that each chapter works off of a solid foundation, is a solid contributor to the community and has a solid support system for its members.

New Components: Most of the components in the Pyramid Program were transferred from the prior assessment tool with minor changes for clarity. Three new components outside of the Elevation Section were added to the new model and include:

  • Chapter Advisor Component – The value of volunteers is incomparable. The new assessment includes some simple expectations regarding communication between a chapter and its advisor(s).
  • Ritual Education/Training Component – The Ritual is a defining quality of the Delta Sig experience. The Pyramid Program includes expectations on regular education regarding the Ritual and the rehearsal of ceremonies.
  • Officer Transition Component – The key to consistent success for any chapter is a strong annual transition between officers. A component has been added with guidelines to encourage better, more consistent officer transitions.

Elevation: The top section of the Pyramid is called Elevation. This section is composed entirely of new components that have been regularly requested or demonstrated by chapters of Delta Sigma Phi. Chapters choose four of the seven components in this section to complete based on the chapter’s personality and goals. More components may be added to this section in the future to allow for even greater choice in the coaching and assessment each chapter receives.

Resources: The following will be made available to all chapters, volunteers and fraternity/sorority professionals:

  • A PDF with a visual display of the Pyramid Program and a list of the components
  • A packet with one page dedicated to each component. These one-pagers will include the required documentation, notes about the component and some best practices from chapters across the country. They will be available online or through the Chapter Support and New Chapter Support Specialists on Sept. 21, 2015.
  • Nik Koulogeorge, Director of Fraternity Growth & Support, hosted a webinar on Sept. 21, 2015 at 7  to walk through the program and answer questions. Couldn’t make it to the webinar? Watch a recoding of the webinar here.

In 2005, Delta Sigma Phi launched Vision 2025, a bold plan to become America’s Leading Fraternity. The Fraternity’s assessment model has gradually adjusted to the metrics laid out in Vision 2025, and the Pyramid Program continues that trend and offers new ways to simplify and personalize how chapters are assessed and coached.

In the coming years, components may be adjusted, added or replaced, and new options will be added to the Elevation section to provide chapters with even more choice!

As the Fraternity builds upon partnerships such as utilization of GreekLifeEDU, the participation in the Sexual Assault Coalition and the development of the Transition Experience, and as the Fraternity continues its aim to become America’s Leading Fraternity, The Pyramid Program will grow and adapt to fit new expectations for an ever growing fraternity.

If you are an undergraduate chapter member and have questions about the Pyramid Program, please contact your Chapter Support Specialist or New Chapter Support Specialist.

If you are a volunteer, alumnus or fraternity/sorority professional and have questions about the Pyramid Program, please contact Nik Koulogeorge, Director of Fraternity Growth & Services, at

Amber Shaverdi Huston named Chief Operations Officer

For Immediate Release
Aug. 17, 2015

Contact: Ashley Martin, Director of Communications


Delta Sigma Phi Headquarters is pleased to announce Amber Shaverdi Huston has been promoted to serve as the Chief Operations Officer for the Fraternity. Huston joined the Delta Sig staff in June 2011 and has served as Director of New Chapter Development and Director of Chapter Advancement, overseeing the Fraternity’s chapter growth and operational initiatives.

As COO, Huston will manage the operations of the Fraternity’s staff and its execution of strategic initiatives. She will focus on guiding the Fraternity’s operational plan, creating internal procedures that will increase staff efficiency and talent management. As the Fraternity works toward the goals in its strategic plan, Vision 2025, this newly-created position will propel Delta Sigma Phi into the future.

“We are excited to have Amber take on this important new role for Delta Sigma Phi.” said Patrick F. Jessee, J.D., Executive Director & CEO. “Our goal is to become America’s Leading Fraternity, and with Amber’s help, we will be able to improve our operations as a Headquarters staff, allowing us to better serve our members and fulfill our strategic goals. Amber’s experience with Delta Sig and in the interfraternal community are a major asset. She has contributed exceptionally to our team in the four years she has served Delta Sig, consistently delivers top-notch results through her efforts, and exhibits an inspiring passion for our men and mission.”

In her previous roles with Delta Sigma Phi, Huston helped develop and execute a four-phase colonization process, reducing the Fraternity’s average colonization time from recruitment to chartering and increased the new chapter retention rate. She also helped build the Fraternity’s staffing structure in the areas of chapter support, working closely with staff, volunteers and campus professionals. Most recently, while serving as Director of Chapter Advancement, the Fraternity has experienced unprecedented growth with increases in average chapter size, member retention and average chapter GPA.

Huston earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Pittsburg State University and a Master of Science in Student Development & Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. Prior to joining the Delta Sig, Huston served her sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, as Membership Growth Coordinator and worked for Alpha Chi Omega as Assistant Director of Education and Leadership Initiatives.

Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1899 at the City College of New York. Delta Sigma Phi currently has initiated more than 120,000 men since its founding. To learn more, visit


Delta Sigma Phi Launches Mentoring Platform

For Immediate Release
August 3, 2015

Contact: Ashley Martin, Director of Communications


In an effort to harness the power of its network of brothers, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is proud to announce the launch of its online mentoring platform. This tool—the first of its kind in the fraternity/sorority world—will facilitate relationship building between alumni and undergraduate brothers from across the globe.

Click here to create your account on the mentoring platform.

In a partnership with Indianapolis-based company Integrated Mentoring Solutions, Delta Sigma Phi members can create profiles on the online platform, then search for brothers to connect with based on shared interests, career goals, geographic location and more. Once connected on the site, the men will be provided with resources on how to foster a positive mentoring relationship, as well as find templates for how to best structure the initial three meetings with his mentor/mentee. While men can connect with many brothers at one time, it is suggested that no more than three mentoring relationships be cultivated by a person at a time. The platform will also feature a jobs and internship board for members to further share career opportunities with brothers. In-person training workshops will also be available for both mentors and mentees to focus on skill building.

“For years, every fraternity and sorority has touted the power of their alumni network, but they all admittedly struggle with how to truly connect their members together. Delta Sig has found a solution,” said Delta Sigma Phi Executive Director & CEO Patrick Jessee when the platform was announced July 11 at the Fraternity’s 59th & Biennial Convention in New Orleans. “This is a major step in Delta Sigma Phi engaging our members and providing a valuable, lifelong resource.”

Prior to Convention 2015, a select group of alumni and undergraduate members were asked to pilot the mentoring platform. More than 60 brothers from that group created profiles and began mentoring relationships. Today, all brothers has access to the platform.

The mentoring platform is part of a larger umbrella initiative the Fraternity calls The Transition Experience. Also launched at Convention 2015, The Transition Experience is a four-pronged, holistic approach to engage members for a lifetime of brotherhood and growth in the Fraternity. It will focus on providing education to undergraduate men on career planning and professional and personal development, as well as ongoing professional development for our alumni; congratulating and recognizing our men when they graduate and leveraging this outreach to improve data collection (contact information, career focus, areas of volunteer interest, location); connecting brothers together as volunteers, through social engagements, via the mentoring program, and career placement; and instilling a passion for continued involvement in the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and Foundation.

“Through The Transition Experience and mentoring platform, we are truly developing the idea of lifelong fraternity,” said Delta Sigma Phi Grand Council President Tom Cycyota. “Our mission is Building Better Men, and we must make sure do build our members up throughout their lives, not just while in college. Delta Sig is proud to be at the forefront of developing programs that promote lifelong member development.”

Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1899 at the City College of New York. Delta Sigma Phi currently has initiated more than 120,000 men since its founding. The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation was established in 1953 and is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization. To learn more, visit


2015-2016 McKee Scholarship Recipients

This fall, 63 Delta Sigs will receive a helping hand from the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation when it comes to paying for their education. At the Foundation lunch during Convention on July 10, the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation announced its 2015-2016 McKee Scholarship recipients.

Since 2009, these scholarships have provided much-needed resources for brothers seeking either undergraduate or post-graduate degrees. These funds are made possible through will bequest to the Foundation from brother Hensel McKee, University of Washington ’30, which provided just over $4.3 million to the Foundation.

This year, the Foundation created new scholarship levels with differing dispersement amounts and tying the scholarships to Delta Sig’s ideals of being men of Courage, Action and Excellence.

Congratulations to these men!

The Better Man Scholarship

$10,000 each for men who for well-rounded embodiment of Delta Sigma Phi values

  • Nick Onopa, Kappa Delta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • Joshua Schwartz, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Raghav Tripathi, Iota Iota, Case Western Reserve University

Nile Scholarships

$500 for undergraduates exhibiting exceptional leadership and values

  • Nick Alexander, Gamma Rho, Gannon University
  • Reid Bohanon, Iota Kappa, The University of Utah
  • Cameron Carey, Epsilon Iota, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Thomas Cole, Alpha Epsilon, Duke University
  • Buck Connor, Delta Mu, Loyola Marymount University
  • Matthew Diwata, Gamma Epsilon, San Jose State University
  • Daniel Doherty, Iota Iota, Case Western Reserve University
  • Michael Kontra, Epsilon, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Daniel Meltser, Alpha Pi, Michigan State University
  • James Mullenbach, Alpha Gamma, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Grant Price, Epsilon Tau, Grand Valley State University
  • Beau Rath, Epsilon Iota, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Michael Soder, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Nolan Wilcock, Delta Lambda, Utah State University
  • Justin Wright, Beta Mu, Transylvania University

Sphinx Scholarships

$2,500 for graduate students

  • Colin Bergstrom, Theta Rho, University of Oregon
  • Vick Boparai, Alpha Mu, University of Virginia
  • Brandon Burroway, Theta Chi, University of Georgia
  • Luigi Fu, Theta Lambda, Dickinson College
  • Joseph Montoya, Delta Mu, Loyola Marymount University
  • Song Pettus, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • Jordan Potter, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • Bobby Puckett, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Tom Seto, Delta Delta, Purdue University
  • Mark Sherman, Epsilon, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Ryan Slauer, Theta Chi, University of Georgia
  • Karlton Smith, Beta Beta, University of Missouri
  • Alex Spaulding, Eta, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Paul Thomas, Zeta Xi, St. Cloud State University
  • Joseph Underwood, Beta Mu, Transylvania University

Men of Courage Scholarships

$2,500 for men who exhibit exceptional leadership

  • Mike Fritz, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • Nick Johnston, Alpha Epsilon, Duke University
  • Chris Kaihlanen, Eta, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Reid Mertens, Beta Psi, Arizona State University
  • Connor Rivera, Gamma Tau, Eastern Michigan University
  • Jesse Scheinman, Iota Psi, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Chad Schweinzger, Delta Delta, Purdue University
  • Samuel Teeple, Gamma Tau, Eastern Michigan University
  • Wes Ward, Zeta Zeta, Texas Tech University
  • Ryon Wiska, Tau, Hillsdale College

Men of Action Scholarships

$2,5oo for those who have committed themselves to outstanding service to their communities

  • Quentin Becker, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Ryan Hanson, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • John Minderman, Alpha Gamma, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Kevin Moore, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Shawn Morey, Epsilon Pi, Woodbury University
  • Steven Morrison, Theta Psi, Shorter University
  • Luke Mroczenski, Epsilon Iota, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Ethan Perkins, Theta Chi, University of Georgia
  • Martin Seitz, Theta Kappa, State University of New York at Oswego
  • Mark Solinski, Epsilon Kappa, Loyola University Chicago

Men of Excellence Scholarships

$2,500 for men with exceptional academic performance

  • Martin Branick, Kennesaw State University New Chapter
  • Jared Brewer, Beta Mu, Transylvania University
  • Nicolas Chinot, Beta, Columbia University
  • Matt Faxvog, Beta Alpha, Iowa State University of Science & Technology
  • Andrew Lee, Iota Beta, State University of New York at Binghamton
  • Garrett Mastria, Kappa Delta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • Suraj Rama, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • Christian Soares, Theta Mu, University of Kentucky
  • Garrett Wilkinson, Alpha Upsilon, Kansas State University
  • Joseph Young, Delta Mu, Loyola Marymount University

Delta Sig coming to George Washington University

For Immediate Release
July 15, 2015

Contact: Ashley Martin, Director of Communications


Delta Sigma Phi to Start New Chapter at the George Washington University

The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is pleased to announce it will develop a new chapter at the George Washington University (GW) in Washington, D.C., during the Fall 2015 term.

After meeting with and presenting to the leaders of the university’s fraternity chapters and InterFraternity Council this spring, Delta Sig was chosen out of three organizations to begin recruiting Founding Fathers this fall term.

Utilizing its four-year New Chapter Development process, the Fraternity will develop the brand new chapter as well as an advisory board that will include many of more than 2,000 Delta Sig alumni members living within 35 miles of Washington, D.C. This board will supplement staff-led training and provide broad support to the chapter and its members on a local level.

The GW Interfraternity Council (IFC) cited the Fraternity’s partnership with the American Red Cross, which is headquartered in Washington, and participation in the Sexual Assault Prevention Coalition along with nine other fraternal organizations as determining factors in the selection of Delta Sigma Phi to join campus.

“The GW Interfraternity Council was charged with a mission to choose a fraternity that would not only succeed on our campus, but excel,” said Keaton White, GW IFC President. “Delta Sigma Phi made a compelling presentation, but it was their impressive alumni base and partnerships with organizations like the American Red Cross and the Sexual Assault Prevention Coalition that truly set them apart. The IFC and its member fraternities can’t wait to see what Delta Sig will do here at GW.”

Delta Sigma Phi’s mission is Building Better Men. Through its chapter and national programming, the Fraternity aims to build men of Courage, Action and Excellence who create better lives for themselves and all those around them.

“Our Fraternity seeks to become America’s Leading Fraternity by 2025 through an aggressive strategic plan that includes developing chapters at outstanding institutions such as GW,” said Patrick Jessee, Executive Director & CEO of Delta Sigma Phi. Among the Fraternity’s objectives are to become the single largest donor of pints of blood, volunteer hours and philanthropic dollars to the Red Cross; and to provide leadership education and training to 100 percent of its undergraduate membership by 2025.

“GW students are among the most active college students when it comes to participating in their community,” said Nik Koulogeorge, Delta Sigma Phi Director of Fraternity Growth & Services. “We want men of Courage, Action and Excellence to continue our Fraternity’s 115-year mission to be known as modern change agents.”

Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1899 at the City College of New York and was the first non-sectarian fraternity to be established. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Delta Sigma Phi has initiated more than 115,000 men since its founding. To learn more, visit

In the heart of the nation’s capital with additional programs in Virginia, the George Washington University was created by an Act of Congress in 1821. Today, GW is the largest institution of higher education in the District of Columbia. The university offers comprehensive programs of undergraduate and graduate liberal arts study, as well as degree programs in medicine, public health, law, engineering, education, business and international affairs. Each year, GW enrolls a diverse population of undergraduate, graduate and professional students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and more than 130 countries.


Photo credit on homepage: George Washington University

John Walden receives Career Achievement Award

For Immediate Release
July 15, 2015

Contact: Ashley Martin, Director of Communications

In Delta Sigma Phi, members strive to be The Better Man everywhere they go—on campus, in the classroom and even in the workplace. The Fraternity’s Career Achievement Award honors those Delta Sigs who have achieved outstanding success in their professions. On Sunday, July 12, during the Fraternity’s 2015 Convention in New Orleans, Brother John Walden was recognized with the award.

Walden, a 1979 initiate of Alpha Alpha Chapter at University of Illinois, is the Chief Executive Officer of Home Retail Group, the United Kingdom’s leading home and general merchandise retailer. The company owns brands including Argos and Homebase with more than £5.7 billon (or $8 billion) in annual sales.

During Walden’s address to Convention attendees, he spoke of his career trajectory and his top tips on how to be an impactful leader. Using his own resumé as an example, he cautioned attendees to remember that a person’s career path is almost never a straight line, but a curved one that can take you down different or lateral paths. Walden has previously served in the U.S. Army Reserves, as an attorney, and in the C-Suites for companies like Best Buy and Peapod.

“John Walden is recognized as a visionary leader with a proven record of leading business growth across a diverse range of companies, from start-up to Fortune 500,” said Delta Sigma Phi Grand Council President Tom Cycyota, a chapter brother of Walden’s at Illinois. “It is my honor to present my good friend with this honor and recognize all he has achieved.”

Walden’s three pieces of leadership advice to Convention attendees were: to open yourself to opportunities—especially those outside of your comfort zone—to develop your leadership skills, make sure service to others is always one of your motivating factors, and treat everyone with fairness and humanity at all times.

“The scope of your humanity will determine the scale of your leadership,” Walden said. “Our Fraternity was founded on the principles of diversity and good character. Our Founders, I think they had something right back then. True leaders go and find people different than them, learn for them and make change.”

Walden is the 14th man to receive Delta Sigma Phi’s Career Achievement Award. First given in 1985, the list of recipients includes two Pulitzer Prize winners; a U. S. Presidential candidate; a member of the U. S. House of Representatives; and CEOs of the world’s leading brands including Hershey, Wal-Mart, and others.

Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1899 at the City College of New York and was the first non-sectarian fraternity to be established. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Delta Sigma Phi has initiated more than 120,000 men since its founding. To learn more, visit

Delta Sigma Phi Career Achievement Award Recipients
1985 – Micahel K. Deaver, San José State University
1987 – Dr. Robert H. Felix, University of Colorado
1988 – Lee O. Hills, University of Missouri
1989 – Gilbert P. Williamson, San José State University
1990 – Hon. Thomas Harkin, Iowa State University
1992 – William E. Moore, Georgia Institute of Technology
1994 – Hon. William J. Hughes, Rutgers University
1995 – Neal J. Shine, University of Detroit Mercy
2002 – Michael Waller, Millikin University
2013 – John P. Bilbrey, Kansas State University & Dean C. Hallett, University of South Carolina
2014 – Tom Roeser, Purdue University & Mike Duke, Georgia Institute of Technology
2015 – John Walden, University of Illinois

Delta Sig is Taking a Stand Against Sexual Assault

For immediate release: April 13, 2015


Contact: Ashley Martin, Delta Sigma Phi, Director of Communications




Delta Sigma Phi and other interfraternal organizations are taking a stand against sexual assault and relational aggression with the development of a new educational program for college students. Recognizing that everyone plays a role in preventing sexual assault violence and creating a safer social culture, 10 fraternities and sororities have already signed on to roll out the program nationwide, led by Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and Sigma Nu fraternity.


Inter/national Sororities:Alpha Xi Delta

Delta Zeta

Pi Beta Phi

Zeta Tau Alpha


Inter/national Fraternities:Alpha Tau Omega

Delta Sigma Phi

Kappa Alpha Order

Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Kappa Tau

Sigma Nu

To develop a comprehensive approach to prevention, the groups worked with Aaron Boe, the founder of Prevention Culture, which specializes in non-stranger sexual assault and relational violence prevention, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. The program aims to equip collegians with the tools necessary to create safe and supportive chapter cultures. It covers topics including healthy standards for personal relationships, misconceptions about non-stranger sexual assault, intervention techniques for complicated social situations and ways to support a victim/survivor. Each group has worked with Boe to customize the program and implementation options to meet its organizational needs.


In the spring and summer of 2015, Delta Sigma Phi will work to tailor the program workshops to the Fraternity, creating ties to Delta Sig’s organizational values and mission. This summer, key staff and alumni volunteers will be trained to facilitate the program, and a comprehensive rollout to all chapters will begin in fall 2015.


“Delta Sigma Phi is dedicated to creating men who lead with courage, act with passion and commit to excellence.” said Patrick F. Jessee, Delta Sigma Phi Executive Director & CEO. “Prevention education is a critical first step in creating cultural change on college campuses, and with a unified message, our organizations will have an even greater impact to improve the well-being and development of young men and women.”


Delta Sigma Phi’s mission is Building Better Men. In addition to sexual assault awareness programming, the Fraternity utilizes the Alcohol Skills Training Program and other tailored harm reduction workshops within its educational framework. Annual Regional Leadership Academies, Leadership Institute, Bruce J. Loewenberg Summit and Presidents’ Academy are also vital educational programs for the Fraternity.


Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1899 at the City College of New York. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Delta Sig has initiated more than 115,000 men since its founding.



Justin Baldwin joins Foundation Board of Trustees

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2015

Contact: Ashley Martin, Director of Communications


The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation is pleased to announce that Justin Baldwin, San Jose State University ’64, has been appointed to its Board of Trustees.

Justin currently lives in Paso Robles, California. A former investment and international banker, Justin Baldwin founded JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery in 1981 when he purchased 160 acres west of Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast and planted his estate vineyards. Justin has focused his efforts on producing world class Bordeaux-style blends, which have garnered him and the JUSTIN label numerous awards and accolades. These recognitions include the coveted Pichon Lalande trophy for “World’s Best Blended Red Wine,” Wine Spectators Top 10 Wines of the World, the James Beard Foundation’s “Great American Winemaker Award,” and Wine Enthusiast’s “Top Cabernet and Blended Wine Producers List” for seven years running.

“We are excited to have Justin join the Foundation Board of Trustees,” said Delta Sigma Phi Foundation President Mike Hoffman, Arizona State University ’85, “His experience in the finance industry and as a successful entrepreneur will lend valuable insight to our board.”

To serve on the Foundation Board of Trustees, individuals must be approved by the Grand Council. Each serves a four-year term.

“It is with pride and honor that I accept this appointment,” Baldwin said. “In aiding our quest to Build Better Men, I will work diligently to enlighten and enlist the support of our brothers who have benefited from their fraternal association. Together, we can ensure the groundwork of those before me will continue to enrich the lives of all we serve.”

Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1899 at the City College of New York. Delta Sigma Phi currently has initiated more than 120,000 men since its founding. The Delta Sigma Phi Foundation was established in 1953 and is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization.


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